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About us

Neumann: TLM 102 (Studio Set) Microphone (2 Pieces)
Shure: KSM32 Embossed Single-Diaphragm Microphone (1 Piece)
Roland: RH-50 High Definition Headphones (2 Pieces)
Pre Sonus: HD7 Professional Monitoring Headphones (4 Pieces)
Dre Beats: Por Headphones (1 Piece)
Roland: DS-7 BL Amp Monitor (24-bit/192-khz) Analog And Digital input (4 Pieces)
Apogee: Quartet (4-tr/24-bit/192-khz) Studio Control Center for Mac (1 Piece)
Apple: Mac Book, intel Core i7, 16gb-ram (1 Piece)


Recording room with an area of 25 mms and separate Control room. The following services are provided: Recording Sound and Music, Mix and Mastering, Dubbed, Sound Film for Radio, TVs, Film and Theatre.